Webinar: Casualty Recording in Central Africa

The Political Studies Association’s Specialist Group on Autocracy and Regime Change, the Centre for International Security and the Centre for Global Politics and Development of the Royal Holloway University of London (RHUL) together with Every Casualty Counts are pleased to present the second in a series of webinars focused on casualty recording in several conflicts across Africa. This webinar aims to shine a light on the essential work of casualty recorders in the Central African Republic and Democratic Republic of Congo. The recording of the first webinar is available here.

Even though international humanitarian and human rights law requires states to compile casualty records during wars and periods of gross human rights violations, they often neglect this duty, prompting intergovernmental organizations, civil society groups and academic centres to step forward and attempt to prevent human beings from dying without a trace of their identities and fates. Many such groups belong to ECC’s Casualty Recorders Network (CRN). CRN members record casualties in wars and otherwise violent environments across the globe. 

The goal of this webinar series is to increase their visibility among policy-makers, diplomats and academics, who require the information they can provide but are often not aware of their important work. At the same time, the work of casualty recorders can be enhanced by the attention, support and expertise of policy-makers and academics. Thus, the webinar series aims at creating conversations and potential future collaborations between policy-makers, academics working with casualty data, and casualty recorders in the Casualty Recorders Network. The series will shine a spotlight specifically on casualty recording in several African contexts where many severe ongoing conflicts receive little attention.

These webinars are open to all. Advance registration is required.

Wednesday March 27th 

14h GMT – 15h Kinshasa / Geneva – 10h New York

In this webinar we will be talking about the current situation in Central African Republic (CAR) and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Professor Adolphe Chober Agenonga, is an international relations professor at the University of Kisangani in northern DRC. He conducts conflict analysis for the Ebuteli Research Institute and will be talking about the current conflict situation in DRC.

Louisa Lombard, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Yale University will be sharing with us her views about contemporary political trends and the human rights landscape in Central African Republic.

Maya Moseley is Program Coordinator of Invisible Children. Maya will be presenting their Crisis Tracker. a geospatial database that tracks conflict-related incidents in northeastern DRC and CAR. 

Dr. Sophia Dawkins, Conflict Researcher and Visiting Fellow at European University Institute (EUI) will be the moderator of the event. 

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