UN Human Rights Council encourages casualty recording in Myanmar

Human Rights Council resolution A/HRC/46/21

In March 2021, the 46th Regular Session of the UN Human Rights Council adopted a resolution on the situation of human rights in Myanmar which explicitly called on the government to:

fully recognize and address the needs of victims and survivors, and their families, and their right to effective remedy, including by prompt, effective and independent casualty recording, and guarantees of non-recurrence


The resolution also stressed the need to safeguard those who report on human rights violations and abuses, and ensure a safe environment for all, particularly:

for civil society, journalists and media workers, human rights defenders, casualty recorders, lawyers, environmental and land rights activists and other civilians;


The same language on casualty recording, and casualty recorders themselves, was used in the Human Rights Council’s resolution on Myanmar in its 43rd session in 2020 (A/HRC/43/26).

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