Open consultation on terminology

End date: 1 September 2023

An increasing number and variety of actors have become involved in casualty recording, casualty tracking, and other associated activities in recent years. This diversity is one of the great strengths of the sector, but it also brings challenges. One of the challenges now emerging concerns the clear and consistent use of terminology around ‘casualty recording‘ and ‘casualty tracking‘ (as well as their equivalents in languages other than English). Confusion has arisen where these terms have been used interchangeably, or where there have been different interpretations of the nuances between them.

To promote clarity and ensure effective international collaboration, Every Casualty has conducted a review of the definitions currently used by a range of organisations for several key terms. We have identified the common criteria and used these to draft proposed comprehensive definitions of each term.

Every Casualty invites feedback on these definitions from anyone working in the fields of casualty recording or casualty tracking. We encourage you to share this consultation widely with colleagues. Once feedback has been received, we will revise the definitions as necessary and recirculate for wider agreement.

Please send feedback, comments and questions to , by 1 September 2023. Please use track changes settings if commenting directly on the text.

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