Ukraine Memorial Platform


The Ukraine Memorial Platform was launched in March 2022. The team collects, verifies, systematizes and publishes data on those killed in Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine.

They work to humanise the statistics of war, telling the individual stories of the people killed in the Ukraine war. So far they have posted around 2,000 individual stories about Ukrainian civilians and military victims of war.

They collect as much data on individuals as they can. This is in order to promote future accountability, honour the memory of victims and to provide evidence for human rights defenders, journalists and documentary filmmakers.

How they work

The Memorial Platform is a project by the Ukrainian local media development agency ABO NGO.

Memorial Platform works with relatives of victims and also with eyewitnesses. They monitor social networks and mass media. Their editors then work to verify the data received. 

They also prepare long-format media for partners in Ukraine and around the world, including documentaries about the deceased. They are also working on the study of national memory as a phenomenon in general.  

Memorial Platform works with national and regional media outlets, government agencies, human rights organizations, and other public institutions where their values and interests align.

Ukraine Memorial Platform joined the Casualty Recorders Network in February 2023.

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