Sudanese American Physicians Association (SAPA)

SAPA is a not-for-profit organisation established in 2019 to support physicians of Sudanese descent living and working within the USA, and to provide emergecy aid to physicians and healthcare organisations in Sudan. SAPA conducts fundraising, advocacy, coordination of humanitarian aid and provides expert advice in response to crisis situations in Sudan. Casualty recording is critically importance in understanding the human impact of armed violence and informing SAPA’s responses.

SAPA integrates casualty recording within its broader health assessments to understand the health needs and vulnerabilities of violence-affected populations. It uses casualty information to identify trends in violence, which inform its healthcare interventions. SAPA also collaborates closely with local authorities, humanitarian partners, and relevant stakeholders to strengthen casualty recording mechanisms. It works with these partners to share information, and coordinate response efforts. Through engaging with local actors, including healthcare providers and community leaders, SAPA is able to enhance the accuracy of the casualty data it gathers.

SAPA also advocates for the protection of civilians in conflict-affected areas of Sudan, highlighting the human impact of the conflict through casualty data and calling for accountability for violations of international humanitarian law. It shares information with relevant stakeholders, including humanitarian coordination mechanisms and international organizations, to amplify the voices of affected communities and ensure their needs and rights are fulfilled.

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