Casualty recording in Africa: New webinar series

Together with the Political Studies Association’s Specialist Group on Autocracy and regime Change, the Centre for International Security and the Centre for Global Politics and Development of the Royal Holloway University of London (RHUL), Every Casualty Counts is pleased to announce a new webinar series examining casualty recording in various contexts across Africa.

This series of webinars will showcase the work of members of the Casualty Recorders Network, and shine a spotlight specifically on casualty recording in several African contexts where many severe ongoing conflicts receive little attention.

These webinars are open to all. Advance registration is required.

Monday March 4th 

16h GMT – 19h EAT – 11h EST

African regional politics is enmeshed in multiple external crises. The war in Ukraine has decreased Russian military aid to West and Central Africa, inflated grain prices, and fed cost-of-living crises across the continent. Middle Eastern instability has diverted Gulf State diplomacy and economic investments away from the Horn of Africa. The combination of climate emergencies and conflict conditions has escalated humanitarian crises and instigated new displacement patterns. These factors create a twin conundrum for casualty recorders; work on the ground becomes increasingly complicated while financial support dwindles. This webinar will bring together casualty recording professionals with regional political experts. The discussion will survey the geopolitical environment and then explore the possibilities for  policy makers to overcome the constraints of the current political moment and to better mobilise and target support for casualty recording in Africa.

Invited speakers:

Moderator: Professor Michael Spagat, RHUL

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Questions and further information

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