Working with the UN

There are many opportunities for casualty recorders to influences UN processes and discussions on issues relating to casualty recording. Their investigations and archives can be vital tools for advocacy.

Casualty recorders also have an essential role to play in supporting global reporting on Sustainable Development Goal indicator 16.1.2 – recording deaths in armed conflict.

The documents collected here provide an introduction to how to engage with UN human rights processes, including reporting on SDG indicator 16.1.2. Casualty Recorders Network members are invited to contact ECC’s advocacy team for further advice and guidance. Find out more about our joint advocacy work with CRN members.

Working with the UN Human Rights Programme

This publication explains how the various UN human rights bodies function, and how civil society organisations such as casualty recorders can contribute to their work.

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Reporting on SDG indicator 16.1.2


OHCHR Guidance on Casualty Recording

OHCHR published this Guidance on Casualty Recording to support its field offices and other relevant actors to provide data for reporting on SDG indicator 16.1.2. Like the ECC Standards for Casualty Recording, which it references, it aims to encourage standardised approaches and compatible methodologies.

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SDG Indicator 16_1_2 Guidance Note

This OHCHR technical guidance notes contains additional information on the development of SDG indicator 16.1.2 and technical clarifications of defintions and methodology.

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