International advocacy

Casualties of the armed conflict, 2011 - Libya

Photos of men, accompanied by Arabic text, displayed on red fabric on a wall.

At Every Casualty Counts we advocate for all casualties of armed conflict and violence to be reliably, comprehensively, and transparently recorded. We do this by working within the United Nations system to build support for casualty recording. Our international advocacy is based on our extensive research in this field. Our Casualty Recorders Network members are also closely involved in all aspects of our research and advocacy work.

We educate international policy makers about the legal basis and practical benefits of effective casualty recording. We also foster international understanding of casualty recording in practice, including the specific roles of civil society, state institutions, armed forces and international agencies within this process.

Our Special Consultative Status enables us to participate directly in United Nations’ human rights and humanitarian meetings, including the Human Rights Council. We also work in cooperation with like-minded states to promote casualty recording within the Security Council and the General Assembly.

We work alongside a range of UN offices and entities to encourage the mainstreaming of casualty recording across the UN system. This includes working closely with OHCHR, OCHA, the special procedures of the Human Rights Council, and others such as the ICRC, to promote best practice.

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Casualty recording is relevant to a cross-cutting range of human rights and humanitarian issues, including accountability, protection of civilians, and atrocity prevention. Every Casualty Counts works with experts in all of these fields to bring the benefits of casualty recording to all. Read more about some of these issues below.