Casualty recorders speak on the importance of recognising every life lost in armed violence

The international casualty recorders’ conference organised by the Every Casualty programme of Oxford Research Group concluded with an event to launch the ‘Charter for the Recognition of Every Casualty of Armed Violence’, at the British Academy in London. Participants spoke about the importance of casualty recording as a field, as well as their experiences of casualty recording in specific contexts.

This video contains highlights of the talk, including presentations from Wissam Tarif of Insan, Sandra Orlović of the Humanitarian Law Centre-Serbia, Bekim Blakaj of the Humanitarian Law Centre-Kosovo, Hamit Dardagan of Iraq Body Count and Oxford Research Group, and Dan Smith of International Alert.

Wissam Tarif of INSAN on the launch of the Charter for the Recognition of Every Casualty of Armed Violence:

Wissam Tarif at the Charter launch from Oxford Research Group (ORG) on Vimeo.

Casualty Recording Practicioners, Sandra Orlovic and Bekim Blakaj, of the Humanitarian Law Centres Serbia and Kovoso:

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