Learning from Casualty Recording Experience: Nigeria Watch

This report is a detailed account and analysis of the work of Nigeria Watch, a casualty recording organisation and member of the Casualty Recorders Network. It explores the methods they use, challenges encountered, examplesof good practice, and the uses made of the casualty data produced.

The report is based on field research conducted by ECC, which included observing Nigeria Watch staff in their day-to-day work and interviewing them about their organisational structure, its methodology, its outreach strategy and activities. ECC also spoke with external actors to find out how they use Nigeria Watch’s casualty data, and what impact it has on their own activities.

Nigeria Watch is a casualty recording initiative that records all violent deaths within Nigeria, based on a range of selected media sources. Nigeria Watch was founded in 2006 by French academic Marc-Antoine PĂ©rouse de Montclos. Originally undertaken remotely from Paris, operations were relocated to Ibadan, Nigeria in 2013. Nigeria Watch made for an interesting case study because of the way the project has been evolving over time, and the associated requirement to adapt its objectives and practice accordingly.

In addition to laying out in more detail the work of Nigeria Watch and the impact of the data it produces, this report also aims to highlight challenges, solutions, and elements of good practice from which other casualty recording practitioners could benefit

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