Whose responsibility is casualty recording?

Governments, inter-governmental organisations, and civil society groups can and do currently undertake this work.

The ultimate responsibility for ensuring transparent casualty recording should lie with states. However, achieving the recording of every casualty will require the commitment and practical engagement of governments, international organisations and civil society. All states must recognise the importance of casualty recording, and take steps to ensure that every casualty is recorded. This includes the casualties caused by remote control warfare, despite the opacity, distancing of personnel and fragmentation of responsibility that its tactics can potentially entail.

Additionally, in particular where the call on states to transparently record casualties is especially challenging politically, and casualties and how they are classified are highly politically charged, it is also crucial that robust, independent and impartial casualty recording is undertaken and supported. That the lives lost to remote control tactics are properly recorded is vital towards ensuring that these new forms of warfare are properly regulated and that civilians in armed conflict are adequately protected

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