Undertaking outreach activities

In order to effectively reach target audiences including the affected population, it is highly likely that casualty recorders will have to undertake outreach activities further to the act of publication, for example with the media and through working with other organisations such as victims' associations to reach affected populations.

Such activities will allow casualty recorders to not only ensure that target audiences are aware of and use their data, but to design context-appropriate mechanisms for these target audiences to provide feedback on the data itself and on the ways to make it more useful to them. Outreach activities can be costly and limited resources may prevent casualty recorders from undertaking outreach effectively. However, it is recommended that casualty recorders consider the development of outreach strategies, even if they cannot be implemented straight away. The development of such strategies will help casualty recorders to clarify what they hope to and might in fact be able to achieve through their activities.

Standards for Casualty Recording, p. 59