Transparency about objectives and rationale

An important aspect of building trust with stakeholders for casualty recorders is to be clear about the objectives they have set for themselves and their rationale for recording events or individuals who died from armed violence. Transparency about those who started a casualty recording initiative and why they did so can go a long way towards confronting possible suspicions and distrust.

Transparency is particularly relevant when it comes to the populations affected by violence. It is an important objective for casualty recorders to make their data available to affected communities. Being transparent about their organisations has proved highly important for casualty recorders in conveying legitimacy to affected populations. Ultimately, being transparent about their mission and motivations for recording casualty data will help casualty recorders enhance the quality of their data, by encouraging higher levels of feedback and sharing with other stakeholders. Such information should therefore be made publicly available – e.g. on an organisation’s website where it has one – and should be managed so that it is up-to-date, accurate and complete.

Standards for Casualty Recording, 2016, p. 13