Human Rights Council 53rd Session: Statement for the Interactive Dialogue on the Prevention of Genocide

On Tuesday 4th July, Every Casualty Counts delivered an oral statement at HRC53 in Geneva, during the interactive dialogue on the report of the Secretary-General’s Special Advisor on Prevention of Genocide.

The report specifically focuses on the Impact of technological advances on prevention of genocide efforts and on the risks of the perpetration of genocide.

Our statement can be downloaded here or read in full below.

Every Casualty Worldwide (ECC) believes that inclusive, accurate and transparent recording and reporting of casualties in armed conflict is a vital tool for combatting genocide denial, supporting reconciliation, and identifying growing risks of atrocity crimes. Many of the technologies highlighted in the Special Adviser’s report, including online open-source data gathering, are a valuable tool for investigating and disseminating casualty information for these purposes.

Does the Special Adviser agree that harmonizing fundamental principles and methodologies of casualty recording, including those based on digital investigation techniques, would help increase the global availability, reliability, and transparency of information relating to genocide and potential genocide?

What other steps should the international community take to promote the use of new technologies for verifying and disseminating accurate information on casualties in situations of armed conflict and other situations of gross human rights violations?

Thank you.

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