Good practice series: An overview of the field

This paper was produced as part of a two year research project into best practice among casualty recorders worldwide, and provides an overview of the range of approaches used by organisations involved in casualty recording. It demonstrates that there are a variety of different but equally valid approaches to casualty recording, influenced by the context and purpose of the project. Importantly, the research shows that despite their differences, high quality casualty recording initiatives are linked by common principles and can feed into each other. An Overview of the Field also considers the potential benefits of standardisation of casualty recording processes, to the extent that this is possible in widely differing contexts.

Key findings of the report include:

  • There are many different and equally valid approaches to casualty recording. There is no ‘best’ approach which applies across all situations; the most appropriate process will depend on the specific context and purpose of a project.
  • Despite the variety of approaches used, all effective casualty recording initiatives share a number of basic principles and can feed into each other to mutual benefit.
  • All casualty recording has value, and can support a number of different objectives.

Additional context and background to the project on which this paper is based is available here.

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