Civilian Impact Monitoring Project

The Civilian Impact Monitoring Project (CIMP) is a monitoring mechanism for real-time collection, processing and dissemination of open source data and analysis on the civilian impact from armed violence in Yemen. Since January 2018, CIMP has been monitoring the direct impact of armed violence on civilians in Yemen, including civilian casualties (fatalities and injuries), and impact to civilian property and infrastructure. 

CIMP provides up to the minute statistics and analysis of the trends and patterns in the types of violence, its geographic spread and the subsequent nature and scale of this impact on civilians, including resulting civilian casualties. They make this information available in real-time to inform protection responses at different levels, mitigating protection risks of civilians impacted by armed violence.

CIMP maintains a comprehensive database, using a rigorous and systematic methodology to collect and collate data on the civilian impact of armed violence across the country. Each incident to impact civilians is entered into the database, and coded according to where it took place, what type of armed violence was responsible, the number of civilian structures were impacted as a result, and what subsequent protection implications civilians may be facing as a result. The number of resultant civilian casualties is included in each database entry, disaggregated by age and gender, and by fatality and injury. 

CIMP joined the Casualty Recorders Network in September 2023

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