Webinar: Casualty Recording and International Advocacy

This is the second webinar in the series Casualty Recording in Practice.

This will be part of an advocacy-focused series that aims to:  

  • Provide support, ideas and advice to CRN members who want help with any – or all – aspects of their advocacy work, and  
  • Identify common issues and concerns where CRN members and ECC can collaborate and increase their impact through collective advocacy.  

This webinar will focus on international advocacy. You will have the opportunity to hear from:

Rachel Taylor, Every Casualty’s Advocacy Director, who will talk about what ECC is trying to achieve at the UN and why. For those who are less familiar with the processes, Rachel will explain about the different ways ECC is engaging with the UN and its member states.

Rachel will also provide an introduction for CRN members on how they can use UN processes to support their advocacy work. She will also cover how they may get their research, information and expertise included in UN papers and set out how ECC can help members with this. 

Ucha Nanuashvili of the Georgian Human Rights Center (HRC), a valued member of the Casualty Recorders Network. Ucha will share his extensive practical experience of international advocacy.  

This event is exclusively for Casualty Recorders Network members. To join please email Federica Riccardi here:

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