Information for trustees

This is a private page containing information for candidates interested in joining the board of Every Casualty Counts.

For any questions, please contact the Executive Director.

ECC trustee recruitment pack 2024

Full details about the trustee roles available and how to apply.

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ECC 2023 – 2025 Strategic Plan

Details of our current three-year strategic plan, including overarching goals and objectives.

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Charity Commission – Trustee welcome pack

This is a brief introductory guide, produced by the Charity Commission of England and Wales to introduce new trustees to their role and ensure a basic understanding of their duties and responsibilities.

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Charity Commission Essential Trustee Guide

This is the full trustee guide produced by the Charity Commission of England and Wales, which explains all the essential duties of trustees of charities registered in England and Wales. It includes details of trustees’ legal obligations, duties and responsibilities, and guidance on how to be an effective trustee. It is important to read this guide in full at your earliest opportunity, and refer to it in case of any questions.

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Introducing the work of the Casualty Recorders Network

Our most recent accounts and statutory annual reports are filed with the Charity Commission, here.

Our Memorandum of Association is registered with Companies House, here.