Peruvian Forensic Anthropology Team (EPAF)

The Peruvian Forensic Anthropology Team (EPAF) is a non-profit organisation that promotes the right to truth, justice, and guarantees of non-repetition in cases of forced disappearance and extrajudicial execution. Founded by Peruvian anthropologists working in the multinational forensic team at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, EPAF applies international standards of forensic investigation developed at the tribunal to lead the search for the 15,000 victims of forced disappearance from Peru’s internal armed conflict (1980-2000). 

EPAF prioritises families’ right to know about the fate of their disappeared loved ones without exclusively having to depend upon judicial processes that may or may not provide them with answers. To this end, EPAF contributes to the consolidation of peace and democracy by working alongside the families of the disappeared to find their loved ones, gain access to justice, and improve the conditions affecting their political and economic development. To achieve these goals, EPAF works in four principal areas: Forensic Investigation, Historical Memory, Forensic Training, and Human Development. 

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