Nuestra Aparente Rendición

Nuestra Aparente Rendición (NAR) is an open community dedicated to debate and discussion about violence in Mexico. In 2010, NAR launched Menos Dias Aquí, a project which seeks to count and name the victims of violence in Mexico. Run by volunteer casualty counters based in Mexico City, Menos Dias Aquí operates by the following principles: 

  1. Count all deaths related to violence in Mexico, not just as numbers, but also as a narrative. 
  2. Count human beings. Start with factual data (number of murdered people, date, place, names of the victims, cause of death). Also seek to  portray victim’s lives (photographs, hobbies, hints of their life).
  3. Do not impose a moral framework: do not take sides; do not make moral or political distinctions between sides. Concentrate on that “something which victims and murderers share, whether war criminals or simple bystanders.

Since the project began on 12 September 2010, volunteers have counted and recorded 46,378 casualties of the violence in Mexico. 

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