Conflict Monitoring Center

The Conflict Monitoring Center (CMC) is an Islamabad based independent research center. Presently, it focuses on interstate and intrastate armed conflicts including anti-state and / or anti-government insurgencies and counter-militancy campaigns by security forces particularly in different countries of South Asia. The center prepares periodic analytical reports on South Asian conflicts based on the data collected from mainstream national and international media organisations.

South Asian region is faced with the challenges of persistent interstate and intrastate conflicts since long. The failure on the part of the political leadership of the regional states to resolve these problems amicably has turned these conflicts violent.

Consequently, most of the South Asian states face some sort of insurgency, militancy and warfare or even civil war. Armed conflicts take thousands of lives every month in the region besides destroying physical infrastructure and diverting valuable resources away from socio-economic development of regional states. These conflicts also have far-reaching environmental, emotional, psychological, and political consequences for the people of South Asia. Despite of this, there is a little understanding regarding true nature of these conflicts and their impacts on the lives of common people of the region.  The Conflict Monitoring Center (CMC) aims to fulfil this responsibility.

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