Centre for Border Studies, Jindal School of International Affairs

One of the core areas of the Centre for Study of Political Violence (CSPV) is the focus on regions of India affected by protracted armed violence and insecurity. The CSPV will be creating a Conflict Victims Recording Initiative which seeks to build databases on conflict victims (both fatalities and injuries) with a view to derive the nature of victimization and the direction of violence. In addition to building a research program on casualty recording some of the broader areas of research supported by the CSPV connected to victimization include:

  • Victim Assistance in the context of South Asia
  • Micro-level household impacts of conflict and armed violence
  • Public Health Impacts of Conflict
  • Research on Humanitarian Services Provision with regard to victims of Conflicts, Complex Emergencies and Natural Disasters
  • Ethics of Research in situations of Conflict. 

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