Action on Armed Violence (AOAV)

AOAV is a not-for-profit organisation committed to good governance and the development of civil society through the promotion of international humanitarian law, the relief of poverty and the empowerment of communities marginalised by conflict.

Their Explosive Violence Monitoring Project records casualties caused by explosive weapons at the global level.

AOAV believes that safety and security are fundamental to poverty alleviation, they underpin trust relationships which are in turn the basis of property rights, credit and equitable transactions. Addressing the problems of conventional weapons and armed violence should therefore be seen as congruent with broader efforts to reduce poverty such as the millennium development goals.

AOAV believes that local structures, with appropriate support, are best placed to promote community-based responses to the problems caused by conventional weapons in society. AOAV works in partnerships and networks of like-minded NGOs, states, non states actors, community based organisations, donors and others to achieve their aims. Innovation is at the centre of AOAV thinking.  They seek to use their project work to influence the political and legal agenda in both the North and South and to promote new ways of working.

AOAV’s values determine their relationships with all stakeholders including beneficiary communities, network organisations, donors and employees. Transparency, accuracy and honesty are crucial to the credibility of AOAV’s work and the key to partnerships with states, civil society groups and community based organisations.

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