Amnesty International, Pakistan Team

Amnesty International is an independent international human rights organisation working to protect human rights worldwide. The Pakistan Team of Amnesty International, based at the International Secretariat, records data on human rights violations relating to conflict and violence in Pakistan’s north-west and Balochistan province. The Team has been recording information on security incidents and civilian casualties in the armed conflict between Pakistan forces and insurgent groups in the north-west region of Pakistan since 2008. The statistical material is generated on the basis of information provided by ordinary citizens and civil society networks; and publicly available English-language published sources such as the media, specialised journals, aid agencies, and non-governmental organisations. The Team corroborates the information provided by these sources with Amnesty International’s contacts and networks on the ground.

The project is part of our work on documenting violations of human rights and international humanitarian law, including possible war crimes and crimes against humanity, committed by all parties, whether state or non-state actors. Through our data collection we seek to identify trends that may reflect systematic and widespread human rights violations rather than to make a definitive assessment of individual human rights violations. The ultimate aim of collecting this data is to further our campaigning and advocacy towards bringing justice for the victims of human rights and IHL violations and improving the human rights situation of people living in the north-west of Pakistan and Balochistan province.   

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